Thursday, 30th May 2024
30 May 2024

Meeting of the Business Ombudsman of Georgia with the Sectoral Business Associations on the Inspection of Working Conditions

As part of the process of opening up the economy announced by the Georgian government and the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of new coronavirus in the workplace, companies across the country began to be inspected.

It is a multi-day preparatory procedure, so it is advisable to register in time so that when our business is allowed to return to normal economic activity, we can be prepared and avoid the penalties for violating the rules.

Companies must register the persons carrying out economic activities through the application form provided on the website of the Ministry of Health (link:

According to the decision of the government, the inspection process will be organized and coordinated by the Department of Labor Inspection of the Ministry of Health with the involvement of various government agencies.

In order for an economic entity or an entrepreneur to be granted the right to carry out economic activities, it must comply with the recommendations developed by the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of new coronavirus in the workplace. This process will allow us to prevent the spread of infection as much as possible and make the process of opening the economy sustainable.

(See the relevant order and recommendations at the link:


The above process is an opportunity to check the recommendations developed by the Ministry of Health in the workplace on the principle of one window, when all the processes are managed by one agency, from the receipt of the application – including the results of the inspection to the applicant. 

Meeting of the Business Ombudsman of Georgia with the Sectoral Business Associations

Business Ombudsman, Mikheil Daushvili and the head of the Labor Inspection department, Beka Peradze, met the representatives of the sectoral businesses. The discussion subject was the recommendations on how to avoid spreading the Coronavirus in working places. 

“Today was a very important meeting with the sectoral associations. We heard about the conditions that businesses have to work in during this period and which are caused by the COVID 19. We discussed, how the Ministry of Health of Georgia, government, and business should coordinate, so the businesses can cover all the standards and regulations that are important for preventing epidemics after going back to work. 

Business today has challenges and with the cooperation of the government and the privately held businesses, we can overcome this challenge. First of all by giving recommendations and guidelines, on how to protect themselves. We are sure, that this will help businesses to open soon, start working, create working places, and go back to the benchmark, that was before the COVID 19.” -Says Mikheil Daushvili. 

Among the attendances of the meeting were the representatives of Business Association of Georgia, Georgian Employers Association, Georgian Distributors Business Association, Georgian Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, Bank Association of Georgia, Women Business Association, Gambling Business Association, Georgian Pharmacists Association, Developers Association, Infrastructure Construction Companies Association, Georgian Farmers Association, Georgian National Association of Real Estate, Markets Association, Retail Association, Georgian Restaurants Association, Small and Medium Shop Association and Federation of Beauty Salons.  

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