Wednesday, 24th July 2024
24 July 2024

Zurab Eristavi

After having served in different positions in banking and insurance from 1996 to 2003 Zurab Eristavi started his career in real estate as an Executive Director of Developers Association of Georgia. Between 2005-2007 years Zurab had been acting as the General Manager of “Iberia”(real estate developer) and Business Development Coordinator of “Bagebey City Group” (real estate developer).

By joining “CERES Group” – Prague based real estate brokerage company in 2007, Zurab started his private business as local partner (CERES Georgia). In 2008 CERES Georgia was transformed into “RENTALS”, company mainly focusing on diplomat housing, commercial real estate and investor relations.

Having set very high international standards, RENTALS joined the German, American and French Business associations.

In 2017 and 2018 “RENTALS” has become the “Company of the Year” and Zurab personally received a status of the “Broker of the Year”.

In 2019 JLL( Commercial Real Estate Property Investment) had registered RENTALS as “Best in Class Partner”.

From 2017 till now Zurab is a board member of GNARE. At the same time Zurab is a board member of European Business Association and Co-chair of Real Estate and Construction Committee within the AMCHAM (American Chamber of Commerce)

Zurab Eristavi has bachelor’s degree in Banking (German “Bank Akademie”) and Master’s Degree from “European School of Management (ESM)”.